Commit 7de64fb7 authored by Matthias Böhm's avatar Matthias Böhm
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added test files to compile check that showed the bug where the "Enum" class wasn`t found

parent 5338e84d
......@@ -244,6 +244,20 @@ do
if [ -n "$internalErrs" ]; then echo "Internal error in $file"; fi
# check # 3b (errors in files that are compiled with type class extensions)
for file in EnumBug EnumBug2
echo $file >> tmp.txt
if [ ! -r typeclasses/modules/$file.curry ]; then echo "*********** file doesn't exist: $file"; fi
$cymake -f -X TypeClassExtensions -i typeclasses/modules typeclasses/modules/$file.curry 2> stderr.txt 1> stdout.txt && \
(echo "===================="; echo "| No error in $file.curry:" ; echo "===================="; \
cat stdout.txt; cat stderr.txt; echo; touch $errorFile)
internalErrs=`cat stderr.txt | grep "Internal error"`
if [ -n "$internalErrs" ]; then echo "Internal error in $file"; fi
echo `cat tmp.txt | wc -l` files checked
if [ ! -f $errorFile ]; then
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