Commit 18f474d1 authored by Matthias Böhm's avatar Matthias Böhm
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documentation for expanded flag in type signatures

parent 55de02b6
......@@ -130,6 +130,9 @@ data Decl
| DataDecl Position Ident [Ident] [ConstrDecl] -- data C a b = C1 a | C2 b
| NewtypeDecl Position Ident [Ident] NewConstrDecl -- newtype C a b = C a b
| TypeDecl Position Ident [Ident] TypeExpr -- type C a b = D a b
-- |as in the compile process, we pass along both expanded and unexpanded
-- type signatures, we have to provide a flag that indicates whether
-- the type signature is expanded or not.
| TypeSig Position Bool [Ident] Context TypeExpr -- f, g :: Bool
-- |position, the type of the function, a unique id, the name
-- the equations
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