Commit cf7d3db7 authored by Marc André Wittorf's avatar Marc André Wittorf

Fixed an "ambiguous occurrence '<Prelude-Function>'" caused by having our...

Fixed an "ambiguous occurrence '<Prelude-Function>'" caused by having our Test-module (which uses unqualified Prelude) in the interpreter's evaluation scope.
parent ed0e4132
Pipeline #222 canceled with stage
......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ loadModule fname = MC.handleAll handler $ loadModule' $ adjustPath fname
in MC.handleAll handler' $ do
liftInterpreter $ loadModules [cfn]
mods <- liftInterpreter getLoadedModules
liftInterpreter $ setTopLevelModules mods
liftInterpreter $ setTopLevelModules $ filter (/= "Tests") mods
liftRepl $ currentLevel .= level
liftRepl $ modify $ Control.Lens.set filename fn
rt <- use runTests
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