Commit e94d89f0 authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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Merge branch 'master' of

parents 4e7c59c2 f5eefb30
[submodule "frontend/curry-frontend"] [submodule "frontend/curry-frontend"]
path = frontend/curry-frontend path = frontend/curry-frontend
url = url =
[submodule "frontend/curry-base"] [submodule "frontend/curry-base"]
path = frontend/curry-base path = frontend/curry-base
url = url =
[submodule "currytools"] [submodule "currytools"]
path = currytools path = currytools
url = url =
Subproject commit b48991ef0cf594fa79f4789c06bb8c71f1000923 Subproject commit 3f46aef7fc0d5f102af52b01ee0df652002096e1
Subproject commit ec9517cfa535b6b65445f384562da7b01eedd74a Subproject commit c94cb66cb3ba9c173d16c78dbc92257c24580544
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