Commit 39ad3616 authored by Michael Hanus 's avatar Michael Hanus
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Front end: now compatible with GHC 8.4

parent ba817daf
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ export MINORVERSION=0
# The revision version number:
# The build version number (if >0, then it is a pre-release)
# Complete version:
# The version date:
Subproject commit 4d2169d11e704016dc52440a83e797da820c6575
Subproject commit b8632af3f95e0380608398b11d8d873446c24d8a
Subproject commit 04028d5b2a7cc871c4712131d6c539ae11c8d0f2
Subproject commit 8bc3e560399639508d1f18ffe450aee1655a35c8
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