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Give helper function for assignment no. 2

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......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
> module Functional.Exercise.Exercise5 where
> import Functional.Lecture.InputOutput (getNumber)
> import Functional.Lecture.MoreData (inBounds)
1. In Haskell `String`s are list of `Char`s. The following definitions should transform the given string "HelloWorld" such that it yields the string specified by the comment above. You are only allow to use generic list functions like `map`, `foldr`, `filter`, but no manual pattern matching, for the implementation.
......@@ -26,13 +25,17 @@
The number does not meet the given bounds, please try again.
The input is not a number. Please type in a number between 12 and 16.
This input is not a number, please try again.
Hint: You should reuse `getNumber` and `inBounds` that we defined in previous lectures.
Hint: You should reuse `getNumber` defined in the lectures as well as the helper function `inBounds` (based on an implmentation given in `Lecture.MoreData`).
> getInBounds :: Int -> Int -> IO Int
> getInBounds = error "getInBounds: Implement me!"
> inBounds :: Int -> (Int,Int) -> Bool
> inBounds x (xMax, xMin) = (x <= xMax) && (x >= xMin)
3. Implement a more general function `geStringtWithCondition :: (String -> Bool) IO String` that reads a string from the user and only yield this value if the string obeys to the corresponding prediate. If the predicate does not hold, the user should be informed to try it again.
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