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currycheck / ExampleTests: last det. test slightly changed

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......@@ -71,14 +71,12 @@ coin_plus_coin_multi = coin+coin <~~> (0?1?1?2)
-- As a more advanced example, we want to test whether the operation
-- `last` defined with a functional pattern always yields a single result.
-- This can be done by checking whether to different calls to `last`
-- on the same input yield always identical values:
-- This can be done by checking whether each call of `last` with
-- a non-empty list yields a single result:
last :: [a] -> a
last (_ ++ [x]) = x
last_is_deterministic xs =
let ys = last xs
in ys==ys ==> (ys == last xs) <~> True
last_has_single_results xs = not (null xs) ==> last xs # 1
-- I/O tests:
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