Commit cf196b67 authored by Michael Hanus 's avatar Michael Hanus
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Add generation of tfcy files

parent 65418c7f
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ LIB_NAMES = $(subst /,., $(basename $(LIB_CURRY)))
# Generated files:
LIB_FCY = $(foreach lib, $(LIB_CURRY:%.curry=.curry/%.fcy), $(lib))
LIB_TFCY = $(foreach lib, $(LIB_CURRY:%.curry=.curry/%.tfcy),$(lib))
LIB_ACY = $(foreach lib, $(LIB_CURRY:%.curry=.curry/%.acy), $(lib))
LIB_PL = $(foreach lib, $(LIB_CURRY:%.curry=.curry/pakcs/, $(lib))
LIB_HTML = $(foreach lib, $(LIB_CURRY:.curry=.html), $(LIBDOCDIR)/$(subst /,.,$(lib)))
......@@ -66,6 +67,10 @@ cleanpl:
.PHONY: fcy
fcy: $(LIB_FCY)
# generate the type-annotated FlatCurry files of all libraries:
.PHONY: tfcy
tfcy: $(LIB_TFCY)
# generate the AbstractCurry files of all libraries:
.PHONY: acy
acy: $(LIB_ACY)
......@@ -79,6 +84,10 @@ pl: .curry/pakcs/$(ALLLIBS).pl $(LIB_PL)
.curry/%.fcy: %.curry
"$(CYMAKE)" --flat $(CYMAKEPARAMS) $(subst /,.,$*) -D__PAKCS__=$(shell printf '%d%02d' $(MAJORVERSION) $(MINORVERSION))
# generate type-annotated FlatCurry file in subdirectory .curry:
.curry/%.tfcy: %.curry
"$(CYMAKE)" --typed-flat $(CYMAKEPARAMS) $(subst /,.,$*) -D__PAKCS__=$(shell printf '%d%02d' $(MAJORVERSION) $(MINORVERSION))
# generate all AbstractCurry files in subdirectory .curry:
.curry/%.acy: %.curry
"$(CYMAKE)" --acy $(CYMAKEPARAMS) $(subst /,.,$*) -D__PAKCS__=$(shell printf '%d%02d' $(MAJORVERSION) $(MINORVERSION))
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