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Improved .gitignore, Makefile

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# ignore tex temporary files
# To format the Curry report
TEXFILES = $(wildcard *.tex) $(wildcard syntax/*.tex)
.PHONY: all
# Directory for the web published version of the report
WWWDIR = ~/public_html/curry/papers
.PHONY: all install www clean distclean
all: report.pdf
report.pdf: report.tex $(TEXFILES) report.bbl
pdflatex report
report.pdf: report.tex $(TEXFILES) report.bib
pdflatex report
bibtex report
makeindex report.idx
thumbpdf report
pdflatex report
rm -f thumb* report.out
pdflatex report
bibtex report
pdflatex report
thumbpdf report
pdflatex report
install: report.pdf
cp report.pdf /home/mh/pakcs/docs/CurryReport.pdf
# Directory for the web published version of the report:
cp report.pdf ~mh/pakcs/docs/CurryReport.pdf
# Write report into web pages:
# Write report into web pages
www: report.pdf
#cp -p ${WWWDIR}/
#gzip ${WWWDIR}/
#cp -p ${WWWDIR}/
cp -p report.pdf ${WWWDIR}/report.pdf
cd ${WWWDIR} && chmod 644 report.pdf
cp -p report.pdf $(WWWDIR)/report.pdf
chmod 644 $(WWWDIR)/report.pdf
/bin/mv report.tex report.texx
/bin/rm -f report.?? report.??? *.aux
/bin/mv report.texx report.tex
rm -f *.aux *.bbl *.blg *.idx *.ilg *.ind *.log *.out *.toc *.tpt
distclean: clean
rm -f report.pdf
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