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This is the official version 0.7 of the Curry report.

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% $Id: report.tex,v 1.6 1999/11/25 08:07:00 hanus Exp hanus $
% $Id: report.tex,v 1.6 2000/02/01 21:40:14 mh Exp mh $
% $Log: report.tex,v $
% Revision 1.6 2000/02/01 21:40:14 mh
% Pragma optmatch omitted, Constraint replace by Success,
% literate programming added and some more minor changes
% Revision 1.6 1999/11/25 08:07:00 hanus
% Several list processing functions added to the prelude.
......@@ -4053,7 +4057,7 @@ definition of the application function. Since Curry supports
the higher-order features of current functional languages but
excludes the guessing of higher-order objects by
higher-order unification
(as, e.g., in \cite{HanusPrehofer98JFP,NadathurMiller88,Prehofer95Diss}),
(as, e.g., in \cite{HanusPrehofer99JFP,NadathurMiller88,Prehofer95Diss}),
the operational semantics specified in Figure~\ref{figure-opsem}
can be simply extended to cover Curry's higher-order features
by adding the following axiom (here we denote by
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