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New version 0.8.3

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# To format the Curry report
report.dvi: report.tex
latex report
bibtex report
latex report
makeindex report.idx
latex report report.dvi
dvips report
report.pdf: report.tex
pdflatex report
bibtex report
pdflatex report
makeindex report.idx
thumbpdf report
pdflatex report
rm -f thumb* report.out
install: report.pdf
cp report.pdf /home/mh/pakcs/docs/CurryReport.pdf
# Directory for the web published version of the report:
# Write report into web pages:
www: report.dvi report.pdf
cp -p ${WWWDIR}/
gzip ${WWWDIR}/
cp -p ${WWWDIR}/
cp -p report.pdf ${WWWDIR}/report.pdf
cd ${WWWDIR} && chmod 644 report.pdf
/bin/mv report.tex report.texx
/bin/rm -f report.?? report.???
/bin/mv report.texx report.tex
......@@ -105,8 +105,8 @@
{\Huge\bf Curry}\\[4ex]
{\LARGE\bf An Integrated Functional Logic Language}\\[5ex]
{\large\bf Version 0.8.2}\\[1ex]
{\large March 28, 2006}\\[8ex]
{\large\bf Version 0.8.3}\\[1ex]
{\large September 26, 2006}\\[8ex]
%{\large \today}\\[8ex]
Michael Hanus$^1$ [editor] \\[3ex]
......@@ -3514,8 +3514,8 @@ error :: String -> _
-- failed is a non-reducible polymorphic function. \pindex{failed}
-- It is useful to express a failure in a search branch of the execution.
-- It could be defined by: failed = head []
failed :: _
failed | 1=:=2 = x where x free
-- Boolean values
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