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PAKCS: The Portland Aachen Kiel Curry System
Installation Instructions for the GIT Repository
If you want to install the up-to-date version of PAKCS
from the developer's repository, you have to clone the
[git repository](,
e.g., by the shell command
git clone git://
This creates a new directory `pakcs` containing the current version.
Go into this directory by
cd pakcs
and execute
git submodule init
git submodule update
in order to obtain further files managed by git, i.e.,
the Curry system libraries shared by PAKCS and KiCS2.
Then, each future update can be obtained by the executing
git pull
git submodule update
Since the front end used by PAKCS is an independent development
with its own repository, you should execute the command
make frontendsources
to obtain the up-to-date sources of the front.
Now you can install the complete system by the command
similar to the standard
[PAKCS installation instructions](
Contact: [Michael Hanus](
......@@ -97,8 +97,8 @@ installfrontend:
@if [ ! -d ${LOCALBIN} ] ; then mkdir ${LOCALBIN} ; fi
cabal update
cabal install mtl
cd frontend/curry-base && cabal install
cd frontend/curry-frontend && cabal install
cd frontend/curry-base && cabal install # --force-reinstalls
cd frontend/curry-frontend && cabal install # --force-reinstalls
# copy cabal installation of front end into local directory
@if [ -f ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/cymake ] ; then cp -p ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/cymake ${LOCALBIN} ; fi
......@@ -221,9 +221,8 @@ cleandist:
rm -f ${MAKELOG}
${MAKE} cleantools
rm -rf .git .gitmodules lib/.git .gitignore lib/.gitignore
rm -rf frontend/curry-base/.git frontend/curry-base/.gitignore
rm -rf frontend/curry-frontend/.git frontend/curry-frontend/.gitignore
rm -rf frontend/curry-base/dist frontend/curry-frontend/dist
cd frontend/curry-base && rm -rf .git .gitignore dist
cd frontend/curry-frontend && rm -rf .git .gitignore dist
rm -rf docs/src
rm -rf lib/CDOC lib/TEXDOC
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