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PAKCS: Release Notes
Release notes for PAKCS Version 1.12.0 (March 30, 2015)
Release notes for PAKCS Version 1.12.0 (June 1, 2015)
Changes to version 1.11.5:
* The extension for records (with special Curry syntax) was removed.
currytools @ 9b7d665a
Subproject commit 3b62930d8cbc1006d25a3d10a2922fdf0bec09a1
Subproject commit 9b7d665af57ae3e92fd87a651dc8f57f4b8fa137
lib-trunk @ dcd36ede
Subproject commit 6b3a816114c437c6b4f729821f45c22e461c9c54
Subproject commit dcd36ededd991a6307130d2b90747e762ad78c60
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