Commit c6ad30c3 authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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libs and tools updated, bug fix for source function GUI

parent 2cb3cfdb
......@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@
isIoType/1, isId/1,
flatName2Atom/2, decodePrologName/2,
isTupleCons/1, isLetterDigitCode/1, isOpIdChar/1,
isTupleCons/1, isLetterDigitCode/1,
isOperatorName/1, isOpIdChar/1,
rev/2, concat/2, take/3, drop/3, splitAt/4,
memberEq/2, deleteFirst/3, replaceEq/4,
union/3, diff/3,
......@@ -924,7 +924,11 @@ processCommand("show",_) :- !,
writeLnErr('ERROR: Source file not found').
processCommand("source",Arg) :-
append(PModS,[46|FunS],Arg), !, % show source code of function in module
append(_,[LM],PModS), isLetterDigitCode(LM),
(\+ member(46,FunS) ; isOperatorName(FunS)),
% show source code of function in module
currytools @ 2f5e656b
Subproject commit 3dbae13b71b034c81e5cffbeef1d2b5a94a875f2
Subproject commit 2f5e656b79d251bc0cdb47eb5d5b7a398bf8204e
lib-trunk @ e4aaa448
Subproject commit 612a4baa4d005d9685bf303063e03c7020844d1c
Subproject commit e4aaa448f5ad3984d3b4e08e5f9dcca2e507b165
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