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Initial printdepth is now 0 (instead of 10).

parent 3a9ad095
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ tracemode. % trace mode initially on in debug mode
spypoints([]). % list of spy points
%spymode. % initially no spy points
%spyFail. % show fail ports in spy mode
printDepth(11). % maximal print depth of terms +1 (or 0 for infinity)
printDepth(0). % maximal print depth of terms +1 (or 0 for infinity)
profiling(no). % show profiling statistics in debug mode
suspendmode(no). % yes if suspended goals should be shown
allsolutionmode(no). % yes if all solutions should be shown without asking
currytools @ 01328755
Subproject commit ab9d9ff6de6e5e0142b576d4e2e976c96d6c6473
Subproject commit 013287555fa4fe3b1ec1051c2807150a321330e4
# To format the PAKCS User Manual
# To format the user manual
.PHONY: pdf
pdf : manual.pdf
manual.pdf: manual.tex version.tex currydoc.tex markdown_syntax.tex lib/LAST
manual.pdf: $(wildcard *.tex) markdown_syntax.tex lib/LAST
pdflatex manual
bibtex manual
pdflatex manual
......@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@ so that the path is independent of later changes of the
current working directory.
\item[\fbox{\code{printdepth $n$}}]\pindex{printdepth}
Set the depth for printing terms to the value \code{n} (initially: 10).
Set the depth for printing terms to the value \code{n} (initially: 0).
In this case subterms with a depth greater than \code{n} are abbreviated
by dots when they are printed as a result of a computation
or during debugging. A value of \code{0} means infinite depth
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