Commit 9bc7ee11 authored by Michael Hanus 's avatar Michael Hanus
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CHR test extended to SWI7

parent 81563079
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ CURRYBIN=$CURRYHOME/bin
BACKEND=`$CURRYBIN/curry :set v0 :set -time :load Distribution :eval "putStrLn (curryRuntime ++ show curryRuntimeMajorVersion)" :quit 2> /dev/null`
if [ "$BACKEND" != sicstus4 -a "$BACKEND" != swi6 ] ; then
if [ "$BACKEND" != sicstus4 -a "$BACKEND" != swi6 -a "$BACKEND" != swi7 ] ; then
echo "No appropriate Prolog back end, skip the CHR tests."
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