Commit 7866649d authored by Kai-Oliver Prott's avatar Kai-Oliver Prott

Integrate latest fixes for RankNTypes

parent a6dabb2c
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ export CYMAKE = $(BINDIR)/curry-frontend
# install front end (if sources are present):
.PHONY: frontend
stack install --local-bin-path $(BINDIR)
stack install --local-bin-path $(BINDIR) curry-frontend:curry-frontend
.PHONY: clean
Subproject commit 992aa20a1feec9160862ec5092fe1aa688817ea7
Subproject commit 876f33ed4533de13ba63c7061117eab878aa9fc0
Subproject commit 88e45e2fd0802d6ad10c061b32136cb1881bc0c4
Subproject commit 8019368c2166a52d3efa474675810ad737ee6037
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