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......@@ -125,6 +125,20 @@ For tags the jobs:
- `downstream`
are (potentially) executed.
For tags that match the regex `/^v\d*\.\d*\.\d*$/i` the ci will check that it matches packs version number
and create a new release in gitlab and on The links on will point to
the assets links of the gitlab release which in turn points to the generic package created by the ci.
The links used by the gitlab release to point at the generic package are unfortunately only accessible while
logged in to gitlab, accessible links are available, but not easily generated from CI,
changing the links of the gitlab release manually it is therefore recommended.
To change the links edit the release under `packs >> Releases > Edit this release`,
the link urls should currently be of the form `<package>/<version>/<filename>`.
The accessible link will be of the form `<id>/download`,
to find the correct link navigate in another tab/window to `packs >> Package Registry > <package>`,
this most likely already opens the correct version, if not go further to `Other versions >> <version>`.
Now should see the generic package `<package>` in the version `<version>`, now you can hover over each filename corresponding to `<filename>` and copy the link into the corresponding URL Field of the release.
### Schedule
#### Nightly Test
Only the job `run_download_make` is run, to test the distribution download
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