Commit 1b5a08a3 authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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tools and libs updated

parent 7367823e
currytools @ 7b8cbf99
Subproject commit 6f61480981f0539f31d5428520c1d9a10dc8fb73
Subproject commit 7b8cbf9907f0adaa6dc7af4dfbace9ca31228ba9
lib-trunk @ 416f49b5
Subproject commit dbde40f16622492a8ad8e83adeecee23d308d61c
Subproject commit 416f49b5fc986c61d142a601c5924b277656580c
......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@
module CoosyDerive(derive,deriveFile) where
import AbstractCurry
import AbstractCurry.Types
import AbstractCurry.Files
import System(getProgName)
import Char(isSpace)
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