Commit a12410e3 authored by bbr's avatar bbr
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new make option bio

compiles all three necessary binaries: stricths, prophecy and biotype
parent 738fcde7
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ dist:
cp $(THIS)$(DIST)kics_src.tgz ~/public_html/download/
chmod a+r ~/public_html/download/kics_src.tgz
oracle: $(BIN)stricths $(BIN)prophecy
bio: $(BIN)stricths $(BIN)prophecy $(BIN)biotope
$(BIN)stricths: $(ORACLE)stricths.curry $(ORACLE)PrettyStrict.curry
$(KICS) -executable -o $(BIN)stricths -userlibpath $(ORACLE) stricths.curry
......@@ -90,5 +90,9 @@ $(BIN)stricths: $(ORACLE)stricths.curry $(ORACLE)PrettyStrict.curry
$(BIN)prophecy: $(ORACLE)Transform.curry
$(KICS) -executable -o $(BIN)prophecy -userlibpath $(ORACLE) Transform.curry
$(BIN)biotope: $(ORACLE)Biotope.curry
$(KICS) -executable -o $(BIN)biotope -userlibpath $(ORACLE) Biotope.curry
$(KICS) -executable -o $(BIN)prettyflat -main mainPrint PrettyFlat.curry
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