Commit 9a9c0fea authored by Bernd Brassel's avatar Bernd Brassel
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counting eval steps in new debugger

parent a987176f
......@@ -373,7 +373,7 @@ genDebugModule Opts{debugger=Just tool,mainModule=mod} fs line = do
map mkStrictName ((reqModuleName++" as S"):fs)
modCont = modImports ++
"\n\nmain = do\n\
\ run (eval S.strict_"++mainExpr++") \""++mod++"\""
\ run (S.strict_"++mainExpr++") \""++mod++"\""
--safeIO $ putStrLn modName
--safeIO $ putStrLn modCont
safeIO (writeKicsFile modName modCont)
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