Commit 6bb47165 authored by bbr's avatar bbr
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make dist now gittyfied

parent 7beb3e10
...@@ -69,17 +69,7 @@ mrproper: clean ...@@ -69,17 +69,7 @@ mrproper: clean
.PHONY: dist .PHONY: dist
dist: dist:
mkdir -p dist mkdir -p dist
rm -f $(SRC)InstallDir.hs git archive -v --prefix=kics/ master | gzip > $(THIS)$(DIST)kics_src.tgz
tar czf $(THIS)$(DIST)kics_src.tgz\
$(THIS)$(LIB)*.curry \
$(THIS)$(LIB)/ExternalData*.hs \
$(THIS)$(LIB)/ExternalInstances*.hs \
$(THIS)$(LIB)/ExternalFunctions*.hs \
$(THIS)$(LIB)/External*.spec \
cp $(THIS)$(DIST)kics_src.tgz ~/public_html/download/ cp $(THIS)$(DIST)kics_src.tgz ~/public_html/download/
chmod a+r ~/public_html/download/kics_src.tgz chmod a+r ~/public_html/download/kics_src.tgz
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