Commit 2d16ba5d authored by Bernd Brassel's avatar Bernd Brassel
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create oracle subdir

parent a2913ceb
import System
import System.Environment
import Monad
import Curry.Compiler.Config
import Curry.Compiler.CurryToHaskell
import Curry.Compiler.SafeCalls
import System.Environment
-- the kics compiler
......@@ -19,10 +22,9 @@ main = do
safe (startCompilation opts) >>=
maybe (error "error during compilaton") (\_ -> return ())
let call = ghcCall opts{filename=inKicsSubdir "Main.hs"}
if executable opts
then do
putStrLn ("compiling executable "++maybe "" id (target opts))
if verbosity opts >= 3 then putStrLn call else return ()
when (executable opts && make opts)
putStrLn ("compiling executable "++maybe "" id (binary opts))
safe $ put 3 opts call
system call
else return undefined
return ()
return ())
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