Commit 2a3a04af authored by Bernd Brassel's avatar Bernd Brassel
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separate target to make oracle data

parent 17c6bf33
......@@ -134,7 +134,12 @@ dist: $(DOC)UserManual.pdf $(DOC)UserManual.html
chmod a+r ~/public_html/download/UserManual.pdf
git push "at public"
bio: OracleLib $(BIN)stricths $(BIN)prophecy $(BIN)biotope biostdlibraries
.PHONY: oracle
oracle: OracleLib $(BIN)prophecy
$(BIN)prophecy -m All_Libraries
$(KICS) --debug All_Libraries
bio: oracle $(BIN)stricths $(BIN)biotope biostdlibraries
OracleLib: $(LIB)Oracle.curry $(LIB)coracle.c $(LIB)coracle.h\
......@@ -163,7 +168,6 @@ bioprelude:
$(BIN)stricths -m All_Libraries
$(BIN)prophecy -m All_Libraries
$(KGHC) -O2 $(LIB)$(CURRYSUB)StrictAll_Libraries.hs
$(KICS) --debug All_Libraries
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