Commit 21a73f96 authored by bbr's avatar bbr
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reading fcy instead of fint for imports

the information about imports in fint file is not enough.
I wonder why that is...
parent 3996b7cc
......@@ -46,13 +46,13 @@ workUpDependence done test act modu = do
process :: FM String () -> Done -> TestAct -> ProgAct -> ModuleName -> IO ()
process fm done test act modu = do
fn <- findFileInLoadPath (modu++".fint")
fn <- findFileInLoadPath (modu++".fcy")
writeIORef done (addToFM fm modu ())
imps <- fastReadImports fn
mapIO_ (workUpDependence done test act) imps
let dir = dirName fn++"/"
mk <- test dir modu
if mk then (readFlatCurryFile (dir++modu++".fcy") >>= act dir) else return ()
if mk then (readFlatCurryFile fn >>= act dir) else return ()
--- a standard test if a given filename is newer than another
obsolete :: (String -> String) -> (String -> String) -> TestAct
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