Commit 1e1e3d9b authored by bbr's avatar bbr
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verbose compilation

parent 4d818035
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ THIS = ../kics/
KGHC = ghc --make -fglasgow-exts -i$(LIBS) -H500m
GHC = ghc --make -fglasgow-exts -i$(SRC) -H500m
LIBS = $(shell $(BIN)kicslib)
KICS = $(BIN)kics -make
KICS = $(BIN)kics -v -make
ORACLE = $(SRC)oracle/
all: $(SRC)InstallDir.hs $(BIN)generate $(BIN)kicslib $(BIN)kics $(BIN)kicsi libs
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