Commit 16ae3489 authored by Bernd Brassel's avatar Bernd Brassel
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no make with -e

parent a4b1f3e2
......@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ requestExpr state opts line = do
-- to start make before calling "-e", but it is not yet clear
-- how to avoid generating a binary.
requestCall state opts@Opts{eval=True} =
ghcCall opts{make=True,
ghcCall opts{make=False,
ghcOpts=ghcOpts opts++ " +RTS "++ rts state ++ " -RTS -e main ",
filename=inKicsSubdir "Main.hs"}
requestCall state _ = (inKicsSubdir "request"++" "++cmdLineArgs state++" +RTS "++rts state)
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