Commit 01276678 authored by Bernd Brassel's avatar Bernd Brassel
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treat modules with lowercase name

parent f86d5bce
......@@ -50,9 +50,11 @@ elimInfix name = "op_"++concat (intersperse "_" (map (show . ord) name))
insertName :: String -> FilePath -> FilePath
insertName s xs = replaceFileName xs (s++takeFileName xs)
modName s = insertName "Curry.Module." s
funcHsName s = replaceExtension s ".hs"
moduleName s =
if isLower (head (takeBaseName s)) then insertName "C_" s else s
modName s = insertName "Curry.Module." (moduleName s)
funcHsName s = replaceExtension (moduleName s) ".hs"
externalSpecName s = replaceExtension s ".hs.include"
dbgMName = "Oracle"
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