Commit e81b585e authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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Typo in Makefile corrected

parent 173fa0fb
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ BrowserGUI: BrowserGUI.curry ShowFlatCurry.curry Imports.curry \
$(META)/FlatCurry.curry $(META)/FlatCurryShow.curry \
analysis/*.curry $(ANADIR)/*.curry
:set path analysis::$(CASS):$(ANADIR):$(CURRYTOOLS)/importcalls:$(CURRYTOOLS)/addtypes \
:set path analysis:$(CASS):$(ANADIR):$(CURRYTOOLS)/importcalls:$(CURRYTOOLS)/addtypes \
:l BrowserGUI :eval "patchReadmeVersion" :save :q
(cd $(ROOT)/bin ; rm -f currybrowse ; \
ln -s ../currytools/browser/BrowserGUI currybrowse)
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