Commit e07dc8cc authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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currydoc index update

parent 4ae234f4
......@@ -430,17 +430,19 @@ genMainIndexPage docdir modnames =
if length modnames == 1
then [htxt "Documentation of the Curry program ",
href (head modnames++".html") [htxt (head modnames++".curry")]]
else [htxt "Documentation of the Curry programs "] ++
map (\m->href (m++".html") [htxt (m++".curry ")])
(mergeSort leqStringIgnoreCase modnames))
allConsFuncsMenu indexPage
else [htxt "Documentation of Curry programs"])
allConsFuncsMenu (indexPage modnames)
>>= writeFile (docdir++"/index.html")
allConsFuncsMenu =
[[href "findex.html" [htxt "All functions"]],
[href "cindex.html" [htxt "All constructors"]]]
indexPage =
indexPage modnames =
(if length modnames == 1
then []
else [ulist (map (\m->[href (m++".html") [htxt (m++".curry ")]])
(mergeSort leqStringIgnoreCase modnames))]) ++
[bold [htxt "Explanations of the icons used in the documentation:"],
par [anchor "det_explain" [image "det.gif" "deterministic"],
htxt " Function is deterministically defined, i.e.,",
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