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CPM updated

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......@@ -741,8 +741,9 @@ The option \code{--csv} shows the information in CSV format.
Searches the names, synopses, and exported module names of all
packages of the central package index for occurrences of the given
search term.
If the option \code{--module} is set, then the search is restricted
to occurrences of an exported module. Thus, the package
If the option \code{--module} is set, then the given name
is searched in the list of exported modules.
Thus, the package
exporting the module \code{JSON.Data} can be found by the command
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ searchPackages (Repository ps) searchmod searchexec searchterm =
allResults = let s = lowerS searchterm
in if searchmod
then filter (\p -> s `elem` exportedModules p) ps
then filter (\p -> searchterm `elem` exportedModules p) ps
else if searchexec
then filter (\p -> s `isInfixOf`
(lowerS $ execOfPackage p)) ps
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