Commit 9c312d0f authored by Michael Hanus's avatar Michael Hanus
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currypp/Default code refactoring

parent 71bae711
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ translateProg :: CurryProg -> CurryProg
translateProg (CurryProg mn imps tdecls fdecls ops) =
CurryProg mn newimps tdecls newfdecls ops
newimps = if "SetFunctions" `elem` imps then imps else "SetFunctions":imps
newimps = if setFunMod `elem` imps then imps else setFunMod:imps
(deffuncs,funcs) = partition isDefault fdecls
defrules = map (func2rule funcs) deffuncs
newfdecls = concatMap (transFDecl defrules) funcs
......@@ -160,17 +160,17 @@ transFDecl defrules (CmtFunc _ qf ar vis texp rules) =
transFDecl defrules fdecl@(CFunc qf@(mn,fn) ar vis texp rules) =
maybe [CFunc qf ar vis texp rules]
(\defrule ->
[transFDecl2ApplyCond applyname fdecl,
CFunc neworgname ar Private texp rules,
[CFunc neworgname ar Private texp rules,
transFDecl2ApplyCond applyname fdecl,
CFunc deffunname ar Private texp
[transDefaultRule applyname ar defrule],
CFunc qf ar vis texp [neworgrule]])
(lookup qf defrules)
-- new names for auxiliary functions (TODO: check for unused name)
applyname = (mn,fn++"_ORGFUN")
neworgname = (mn,fn++"_DEFAULT")
deffunname = (mn,fn++"_APPLYCOND")
neworgname = (mn,fn++"_ORGRULES")
applyname = (mn,fn++"_APPLICABLE")
deffunname = (mn,fn++"_DEFAULT")
neworgrule =
CRule (map CPVar argvars)
......@@ -208,9 +208,9 @@ transDefaultRule _ _ (CRule _ (CGuardedRhs _ _)) =
transDefaultRule condfunname ar (CRule pats (CSimpleRhs exp locals)) =
CRule newpats (CGuardedRhs [(checkCond,exp)] locals)
checkCond =applyF ("SetFunctions","isEmpty")
[applyF ("SetFunctions","set"++show ar)
(CSymbol condfunname : args)]
checkCond = applyF (setFunMod,"isEmpty")
[applyF (setFunMod,"set"++show ar)
(CSymbol condfunname : args)]
(newpats,args) = unzip (map arg2patexp (zip [1001..] pats))
......@@ -228,3 +228,6 @@ preUnit = CSymbol (pre "()")
preUntyped :: CTypeExpr
preUntyped = CTCons (pre "untyped") []
setFunMod :: String
setFunMod = "SetFunctions"
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