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Curry Tools
This directory contains various tools for Curry
This directory contains some base tools for Curry
that are used by different Curry systems, like PAKCS or KiCS2.
Currently, it contains the following tools:
A tool that adds type signatures to a given Curry program.
A directory containing various analyses for Curry programs.
These are used in the `CASS` and `currydoc` tools.
A tool to browse through the modules and functions of a Curry program,
show them in various formats, and analyze their properties.
A style checker for Curry programs.
This directory contains the implementation of the
Curry Analysis Server System, a generic and distributed analysis system
for Curry programs.
This repository contains the Curry package manager (CPM)
with the main executable `cypm`.
CPM is a tool to distribute and install Curry packages.
It can be used to download further Curry libraries and applications.
This directory contains scripts and executables for the
Curry Port Name Server (CPNS) which is responsible for managing the
symbolic names assigned to the named sockes and ports on a local machine
(see libraries `NamedSocket` and `Ports` for more details).
A compiler for Curry into JavaScript programs used in the
generation of web user interfaces (WUIs).
A property test tool for Curry programs.
A documentation generator for Curry programs.
A preprocessor for Curry programs implementing integrated code,
default rules, deterministic functions, and dynamic contract checking.
A test tool for Curry programs.
Compilers to translate database (ER) models
into Curry programs providing high-level access to relational databases.
A tool to show all calls to imported functions in a module.
(see library `NamedSocket` for more details).
The implementation of optimization tools cor Curry,
in particular, a transformation tool to replace Boolean equalities
by unification constraints.
The implementation of the command `runcurry`.
The implementation of Curry's web framework Spicey.
This directory contains tools to support the verification of
Curry programs, e.g., a translator of Curry programs into Agda.
This directory contains scripts and executables for the
event handler server that is required to execute dynamic web
pages implemented with the libraries HTML or WUI.
This directory contains a tool to generate conversion functions
between data types and XML representations. The corresponding
tool is called by the command `data2xml` in the binary directory
of the Curry system.
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