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CPNS demon location adapted to new currytools

parent bc74f76e
......@@ -4,22 +4,23 @@
--- with ports.
--- @author Michael Hanus
--- @version January 2012
--- @version February 2017
--- @category web
module CPNS(registerPort,getPortInfo,unregisterPort,
cpnsStart,cpnsStop,cpnsShow,cpnsAlive,main) where
import Socket
import IO
import ReadShowTerm
import Char
import List(delete,intersperse)
import Time
import System
import Distribution(installDir)
import FilePath((</>))
import IO
import List(delete,intersperse)
import Profile
import ReadShowTerm
import Socket
import System
import Time
-- If we connect to a port with symbolic name pn, we first connect
-- to the CPNS of the host named by pn to get the physical socket
......@@ -295,7 +296,7 @@ cpnsAlive timeout host = catch tryPingCPNS (\_ -> return False)
--- Starts the CPNS demon at localhost if it is not already running:
startCPNSDIfNecessary :: IO ()
startCPNSDIfNecessary = do
system $ "\""++installDir++"/cpns/start\""
system $ installDir </> "currytools" </> "cpns" </> "start"
--- Main function for CPNS demon. Check arguments and execute command.
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