Commit ff751e00 authored by Björn Peemöller 's avatar Björn Peemöller
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Fixed bug caused by missing imports of record label translations

parent dc822382
......@@ -529,9 +529,20 @@ expandValueEnv opts env
addImportedLabels :: ModuleIdent -> ValueEnv -> ValueEnv
addImportedLabels m tyEnv = foldr addLabelType tyEnv (allImports tyEnv)
addLabelType (_, Label l r ty) = importTopEnv (fromMaybe m (qidModule r))
(unqualify l) (Label l r ty)
addLabelType _ = id
addLabelType (_, lbl@(Label l r ty))
= importTopEnv mid l' lbl
-- the following is necessary to be available during generation
-- of flat curry.
. importTopEnv mid (recSelectorId r l') sel
. qualImportTopEnv mid (recSelectorId r l') sel
. importTopEnv mid (recUpdateId r l') upd
. qualImportTopEnv mid (recUpdateId r l') upd
l' = unqualify l
mid = fromMaybe m (qidModule r)
sel = Value (qualRecSelectorId m r l') 1 ty
upd = Value (qualRecUpdateId m r l') 2 ty
addLabelType _ = id
expandRecordTypes :: TCEnv -> ValueInfo -> ValueInfo
expandRecordTypes tcEnv (DataConstructor qid a (ForAllExist n m ty)) =
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