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Now the comment regarding the export expansion of records matches the...

Now the comment regarding the export expansion of records matches the behaviour implemented in the frontend
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......@@ -233,17 +233,15 @@ exportType t = ExportTypeWith tc xs
where tc = origName t
xs = elements t
-- For compatibility with Haskell, we allow exporting field labels but
-- not constructors individually as well as together with their types.
-- In contrast to Haskell, the export of field labels and record constructors
-- without their types is NOT allowed.
-- Thus, given the declaration @data T a = C { l :: a }@
-- the export lists @(T(C,l))@ and @(T(C),l)@ are equivalent and both
-- export the constructor @C@ and the field label @l@ together with the
-- type @T@. However, it is also possible to export the label @l@
-- without exporting its type @T@. In this case, the label is exported
-- just like a top-level function (namely the implicit record selection
-- function corresponding to the label). In order to avoid ambiguities
-- in the interface, we convert an individual export of a label @l@ into
-- the form @T(l)@ whenever its type @T@ occurs in the export list as well.
-- the label @l@ and the constructor @C@ can only be exported together with the
-- type @T@, i.e., @(T(C,l))@.
-- Since record update operations are desugared to case expressions matching the
-- corresponding constructors of the record, the export of a label without its
-- type could result in a type error, when it is used for an update operation in
-- another module.
canonExports :: TCEnv -> [Export] -> [Export]
canonExports tcEnv es = map (canonExport (canonLabels tcEnv es)) es
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