Commit e6345d85 authored by Kai-Oliver Prott's avatar Kai-Oliver Prott
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Fix Type-Check for instance declarations with ambiguous funtion names

parent 6703ea08
......@@ -869,7 +869,11 @@ tcTopPDecl (i, ClassDecl p cx cls tv ds) = withLocalSigEnv $ do
tcTopPDecl (i, InstanceDecl p cx qcls ty ds) = do
tcEnv <- getTyConsEnv
pty <- expandPoly $ QualTypeExpr NoSpanInfo cx ty
vpds' <- mapM (tcInstanceMethodPDecl qcls pty) vpds
mid <- getModuleIdent
let origCls = getOrigName mid qcls tcEnv
clsQual = head $ filter isQualified $ reverseLookupByOrigName origCls tcEnv
qQualCls = qualQualify (fromJust $ qidModule clsQual) qcls
vpds' <- mapM (tcInstanceMethodPDecl qQualCls pty) vpds
return (i, InstanceDecl p cx qcls ty $ fromPDecls $ map untyped opds ++ vpds')
where (vpds, opds) = partition (isValueDecl . snd) $ toPDecls ds
tcTopPDecl _ = internalError "Checks.TypeCheck.tcTopDecl"
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