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Desugaring of patterns corrected, fixes #1226

Nonlinear patterns have to be desugared first to eliminate multiple occurrences
of the same variable outside the scope of a single functional pattern.
This commit changes the order of pattern desugaring in that desugaring of
nonlinear patterns is now performed first.
Consequently, functional patterns have to be considered when eliminating
nonlinear patterns and the implementation is adapted accordingly.
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Nonlinear patterns such as @f x x = x@ should be replaced
by fresh variables and strict equations:
f x y | x =:= y = x
However, the frontend does not do this when one of the patterns is a
functional pattern. For instance, @g x (id x) = x@ is translated to
g x y | id x =:<= y = x
Whenever @g@ is called with a free variable as its first argument,
this variable could now be bound to an *expression* and not a constructor term,
which violates the principle that *a free variable represents the set
of all constructor terms*.
Therefore, the nonlinearity must also be replaced by a strict equality:
g x y | id z =:<= y &> x =:= z = x
where z free
Note that this does *not account* for multiple variable occurrences
*inside a single functional pattern*.
For example, @h (pair x x) = x@ where @pair x y = (x, y)@
should be translated as:
h y | pair x x =:<= y = x where x free
This is because nonlinearity inside a single functional pattern is resolved
on demand because the pattern-function may or may not disregard
some of the occurrences of the variable during evaluation.
For nonlinearity between *multiple functional patterns*,
the nonlinearity should be replaced as discussed above:
k (id x) (id x) = x
k (id x) (id y) | x =:= y = x
k a b | id x =:<= a &> id y =:<= b &> x =:= y = x
where x, y free
{-# LANGUAGE FunctionalPatterns #-}
f :: a -> a -> a
f x (id x) = x
-- Expected translation:
-- f x y = let z free in id z =:<= y &> x =:= z &> x
g :: a -> a -> a
g (id x) (id x) = x
-- Expected translation:
-- g x y = let a, b free in id a =:<= x &> id b =:<= y &> a =:= b &> a
h :: (a, a) -> a
h (pair x x) = x
-- Expected translation:
-- h y = let x free in pair x x =:<= y &> x
pair :: a -> b -> (a, b)
pair x y = (x, y)
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