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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new-gfc' into records

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......@@ -32,18 +32,18 @@ qual :: CompEnv Module -> CompEnv Module
qual (env, mdl) = (qualifyEnv env, mdl')
where mdl' = Q.qual (moduleIdent env) (tyConsEnv env) (valueEnv env) mdl
-- |Remove syntactic sugar
-- |Remove any syntactic sugar, changes the value environment.
desugar :: Bool -> CompEnv Module -> CompEnv Module
desugar dsfp (env, mdl) = (env { valueEnv = tyEnv' }, mdl')
where (mdl', tyEnv') = DS.desugar dsfp (extensions env) (valueEnv env)
(tyConsEnv env) mdl
-- |Simplify the source code.
-- |Simplify the source code, changes the value environment.
simplify :: CompEnv Module -> CompEnv Module
simplify (env, mdl) = (env { valueEnv = tyEnv' }, mdl')
where (mdl', tyEnv') = S.simplify (valueEnv env) mdl
-- |Lift local declarations
-- |Lift local declarations, changes the value environment.
lift :: CompEnv Module -> CompEnv Module
lift (env, mdl) = (env { valueEnv = tyEnv' }, mdl')
where (mdl', tyEnv') = L.lift (valueEnv env) mdl
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