Commit b94deb19 authored by Finn Teegen's avatar Finn Teegen

Restore old behaviour for typed FlatCurry generation

parent 557f37ac
......@@ -338,10 +338,10 @@ writeFlat opts env mdl il = do
tfcyName = typedFlatName (filePath env)
tfcyProg = genTypedFlatCurry env mdl il
tfcyTarget = TypedFlatCurry `elem` optTargetTypes opts
tfcyTarget = TypeAnnotatedFlatCurry `elem` optTargetTypes opts
tafcyName = typeAnnFlatName (filePath env)
tafcyProg = genTypeAnnotatedFlatCurry env mdl il
tafcyTarget = TypeAnnotatedFlatCurry `elem` optTargetTypes opts
tafcyTarget = TypedFlatCurry `elem` optTargetTypes opts
fcyName = flatName (filePath env)
fcyProg = genFlatCurry tfcyProg
fcyTarget = FlatCurry `elem` optTargetTypes opts
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