Commit b15373cd authored by Jan Rasmus Tikovsky 's avatar Jan Rasmus Tikovsky
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removed loop in generation of fresh identifiers

parent ac77d931
......@@ -86,8 +86,7 @@ import Base.Typing
import Base.Utils (mapAccumM, concatMapM)
import Env.TypeConstructor (TCEnv, TypeInfo (..), qualLookupTC)
import Env.Value (ValueEnv, ValueInfo (..), bindFun, lookupValue
, qualLookupValue, conType)
import Env.Value (ValueEnv, ValueInfo (..), bindFun, qualLookupValue, conType)
-- The desugaring phase keeps only the type, function, and value
-- declarations of the module, i.e., type signatures are discarded.
......@@ -159,21 +158,9 @@ getTypeOf t = do
freshIdent :: String -> Int -> TypeScheme -> DsM Ident
freshIdent prefix arity ty = do
m <- getModuleIdent
x <- freeIdent
x <- (mkIdent . (prefix ++) . show) <$> getNextId
modifyValueEnv $ bindFun m x arity ty
return x
-- TODO: This nasty loop is only necessary because a combination of desugaring,
-- simplification and a repeated desugaring, as currently needed for
-- non-linear and functional patterns, may reintroduce identifiers removed
-- during desugaring. The better solution would be to move the translation
-- of non-linear and functional pattern into a separate module.
freeIdent = do
x <- (\n -> mkIdent (prefix ++ show n)) <$> getNextId
tyEnv <- getValueEnv
case lookupValue x tyEnv of
[] -> return x
_ -> freeIdent
-- Create a fresh variable ident for a given prefix with a monomorphic type
freshMonoTypeVar :: Typeable t => String -> t -> DsM Ident
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