Commit a435c993 authored by Björn Peemöller 's avatar Björn Peemöller
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Enabled raw dump output for qualification phase

parent 3065da08
......@@ -233,10 +233,9 @@ transModule opts mdl = do
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
writeOutput :: Options -> FilePath -> CompEnv CS.Module -> IO ()
writeOutput opts fn (env, modul) = do
writeOutput opts fn mdl@(_, modul) = do
writeParsed opts fn modul
let (env1, qlfd) = qual opts (env, modul)
doDump (optDebugOpts opts) (DumpQualified, env1, show $ CS.ppModule qlfd)
(env1, qlfd) <- dumpWith opts CS.ppModule DumpQualified $ qual opts mdl
writeAbstractCurry opts fn env1 qlfd
when withFlat $ do
(env2, il) <- transModule opts (env1, qlfd)
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