Commit 8a2261e6 authored by Jan Rasmus Tikovsky 's avatar Jan Rasmus Tikovsky
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fixed output of HTML documentation

parent 9ebabc19
......@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ import Network.URI (escapeURIString, isUnreserved)
import System.Directory (copyFile, doesFileExist)
import System.FilePath ((</>))
import Curry.Base.Ident (ModuleIdent (..), QualIdent (..), unqualify)
import Curry.Base.Ident ( ModuleIdent (..), QualIdent (..), unqualify
, moduleName)
import Curry.Base.Monad (CYIO, liftCYM, failMessages)
import Curry.Base.Pretty ((<+>), text, vcat)
import Curry.Files.PathUtils (readModule)
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