Commit 5b116e8e authored by Kai-Oliver Prott's avatar Kai-Oliver Prott

Fix expected error message for a test

parent 6320398c
......@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ failInfos = map (uncurry mkFailTest)
, ("PragmaError", ["Unknown language extension"])
, ("PrecedenceRange", ["Precedence out of range"])
, ("RankNTypes", ["Arbitrary-rank types are not supported in standard Curry."])
, ("RankNTypesFuncPats", ["Missing instance for Prelude.Data (forall c . Prelude.Int ->"])
, ("RankNTypesFuncPats", ["Missing instance for Prelude.Data (forall c. Prelude.Int ->"])
, ("RecordLabelIDs", ["Multiple declarations of `'"])
, ("RecursiveTypeSyn", ["Mutually recursive synonym and/or renaming types A and B (line 12.6)"])
, ("Subsumption",
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