Commit 53c64683 authored by Jan Rasmus Tikovsky 's avatar Jan Rasmus Tikovsky
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Use free variables for omitted record fields instead of failures

parent 8e6bfbab
......@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ booleanGuards tyEnv (CondExpr _ g _ : es) =
-- Record construction expressions are transformed into normal
-- constructor applications by rearranging fields in the order of the
-- record's declaration, passing `Prelude.undefined` in place of
-- record's declaration, passing `Prelude.unknown` in place of
-- omitted fields, and discarding the field labels. The transformation of
-- record update expressions is a bit more involved as we must match the
-- updated expression with all valid constructors of the expression's
......@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@ dsExpr p (Typed e ty) = Typed <$> dsExpr p e <*> dsTypeExpr ty
dsExpr p (Record c fs) = do
tyEnv <- getValueEnv
let ls = map (qualifyLike c) $ fst $ conType c tyEnv
es = map (dsLabel prelFailed (map field2Tuple fs)) ls
es = map (dsLabel prelUnknown (map field2Tuple fs)) ls
dsExpr p $ apply (Constructor c) es
dsExpr p (RecordUpdate e fs) = do
tcEnv <- getTyConsEnv
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