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# Curry Frontend
The Curry frontend parses source files (`.curry`), emits errors and
warnings, performs various checks and transformations and
generates FlatCurry (`.fcy`, `.fint`) or AbstractCurry (`.acy`, `.uacy`),
amonst other formats.
The project originated from a modified version of the Münster-Curry-Compiler
(MCC) for use with [PAKCS](,
but can also be used with a variety of other backends, most notably including
The frontend lexes, parses, type-checks and transforms Curry source files into a variety of intermediate formats, including
* **FlatCurry** for program analyzers and backends
* **AbstractCurry** for program manipulation tools
* **HTML** for documentation
It is used by the two major Curry compilers, [PAKCS]( and
## Requirements
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