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The Curry frontend parses source files (`.curry`), emits errors and
warnings, performs various checks and transformations and
generates FlatCurry (`.fcy`, `.fint`) or AbstractCurry (`.acy`, `.uacy`)
generates FlatCurry (`.fcy`, `.fint`) or AbstractCurry (`.acy`, `.uacy`),
amonst other formats.
The project originated from a modified version of the Münster-Curry-Compiler
......@@ -17,23 +17,19 @@ but can also be used with a variety of other backends, most notably including
## Building
To build the project, run
> cabal v1-build
To build the project, run `cabal v1-build`.
## Running
To run the project, you can use
> cabal v1-run
To run the project, use `cabal v1-run`.
Alternatively, you can launch the built executable manually from `dist/build/curry-frontend`.
## Usage
For a detailed overview of the available options, you can use:
For a detailed overview of the available options, you can use the following command:
> curry-frontend --help
`curry-frontend --help`
### Available Formats
......@@ -58,7 +54,7 @@ inference (only for typed AbstractCurry).
- To use the PAKCS libraries (especially for the `Prelude`), the environment
variable `PAKCS_LIB` has to point to the correct paths, e.g. using
> export PAKCS_LIB=[pakcs path]/pacs/lib:[pakcs path]/pacs/lib/meta:...
`export PAKCS_LIB=[pakcs path]/pacs/lib:[pakcs path]/pacs/lib/meta:...`
where `[pakcs path]` is the directory containing the PAKCS distribution.
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