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Updated Changelog w.r.t. preprocessors

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......@@ -4,6 +4,32 @@ Change log for curry-frontend
Version 0.3.10 (under development)
* Implemented support for custom preprocessors. It is now possible to run
a custom preprocessor command via the following options:
* `-F` enables support for a preprocessor
* `-pgmF <cmd>` set the preprocessor command to `<cmd>`
* `-optF <arg>` adds an additional argument to the preprocessor command
(can be repeated to add multiple arguments)
The preprocessor is applied to all source files which are (re)compiled
after unliterating *and after determining the import list*.
Consequently, adding modules via the preprocessor will results in
compilation errors due to missing imports.
On the other hand, the frontend will automatically determine changed
files which are then handed to the preprocessor.
The command is called with at least three arguments:
#. The (normalised) file name of the source file currently processed.
**This name is intended only for reference.**
#. The name of the file containing the (potentially unliterated)
contents of the original file.
**This is the file the preprocessor should read from.**
#. The name of the file where the preprocessed source code should go to.
**This is the file the preprocessor should write to.**
#. Optionally, any additional arguments specified using `-optF`.
Version 0.3.9
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