Commit 03e03950 authored by Finn Teegen's avatar Finn Teegen
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Fix missing pattern in type matching function

parent f63812da
......@@ -139,6 +139,7 @@ matchType' (TypeApply ty11 ty12) (TypeArrow ty21 ty22) =
matchType' (TypeArrow ty11 ty12) (TypeApply ty21 ty22) =
fmap (. matchType ty12 ty22)
(matchType' (TypeApply (TypeConstructor qArrowId) ty11) ty21)
matchType' (TypeForall _ ty1) (TypeForall _ ty2) = matchType' ty1 ty2
matchType' _ _ = Nothing
-- The functions 'bindDecls', 'bindDecl', 'bindPatterns' and 'bindPattern'
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