Commit 020e5b2d authored by Björn Peemöller 's avatar Björn Peemöller
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Fixed bug in desugaring of list comprehension (flex -> rigid matching)

parent 2e03ac04
......@@ -736,7 +736,7 @@ instead of \texttt{(++)} and \texttt{map} in place of
> = apply (prelConcatMap r) [Lambda r [v] e1,l1]
> foldFunct v l1 e1
> = Lambda r (map VariablePattern [v,l1])
> (Case r Flex (mkVar v)
> (Case r Rigid (mkVar v)
> [ caseAlt p t (append e1 (mkVar l1))
> , caseAlt p (VariablePattern v) (mkVar l1)])
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